Closing and Dissemination Meeting was held on July 21, 2017 at Bolu Gazelle Hotel.

Within the scope of the project, Closing and Dissemination was held on Friday, July 21, 2017 at Bolu Gazelle Hotel. The opening speeches of the meeting were made by Ülay Karakoç, ZİÇEV President, Yusuf Cengiz , Bolu Provincial Director of National Education and Ünal Coşkun, Deputy Governor of Bolu. Representatives from Bolu Provincial Directorate of National Education, Bolu Governorship, Bolu Municipality, Bolu Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Family and Social Policies, , private education institutions, non-governmental organizations and Bolu İzzet Baysal University participated to the meeting.

After the opening speeches; Uğur Ersoy, ZİÇEV Researcher and Strategist made a speech summarizing the general framework of the project. Then, Uğur Ersoy invited Assoc. Dr. Necdet Karasu from Gazi University Department of Special Education so as to make a joint interactive presentation. They summarized the training program consisting of three modules namely behavior control, communication and language skills development for individuals with intellectual disabilities and also evidence based teaching techniques. They also gave detailed information about the background of the program and the use of the e-learning portal containing the digital version of the program through a dual presentation. They answered the questions coming from the meeting participants and gave information about the pilot training practices which are still continuing in ZİÇEV and partner institutions.

At the end of the meeting, Ülay Karakoç expressed her satisfaction regarding the results of the project as the representative of ZİÇEV and stated that this project will a deeper contribution to the improvement of the qualification of teachers and other professionals who are working for individuals with intellectual disabilities. She also thanked the project team for their works. The meeting ended with the speech and thank-you messages of project coordinator Asuman Erdem.